Vivant Smo-King Grass Vaporizer



Vaporizers are products that have just been born in the legal cannabis market, but have already enjoyed great success in many countries and their expansion is increasing day by day. You will find in the appropriate category also the ACCESSORIES that are part of the VIVANT line Born in Orange County, California, at the end of November 2016, Vivant was created based on the idea of ​​living the good life.

We consider our team and the people who use our product as a family. We work daily based on the concept of doing what we love and love what we do. The Vivant team members are comprised of some of the industry's best research and development minds, highly skilled and highly talented product designers / engineers, qualified sales professionals and powerful leaders who have learned to drive by following. It is our industry goal the most convenient, functional and reliable products. We are also proud of customer satisfaction and will be a call when needed. Not only do we rely on our minds to create products, but we are also a society that really listens to the community. We strive to create products based on what the community wants, needs and loves. Welcome to Vivant!