Dks Aromatic manufacturers Concentrated Flavors for Electronic Cigarettes DKS Eliquid GmbH was born as a spin-off of DKS Aromatic S.r.l. (WWW.DKSAROMATIC.IT), an Italian company leader in the production of flavorings and ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industry. DKS Eliquid GmbH, located in Ludwigshafen (Germany), is a company specialized in the production and marketing of liquids, flavors and bases for personal vaporizers.

The first 100% NATURAL range, created and patented 7 years ago, currently consists of 10 natural flavors to be diluted to zero nicotine and double concentration.

All the raw materials used are of vegetable origin, including Propylen Glycol, as derived from NO GMO maize (genetically modified organism) and not from oil.

This makes our range the first collection of 100% natural flavors in the world.

The second DKS PLUS line consists of more than 60 flavors for DIY, containing a variety of flavors such as sweet, fruity, liqueur, tobacco and some surprises!

The third line DKS GOLD PLUS # is composed of 5 blends of concentrated flavors, always with zero nicotine.

Attention: all our aromas are Diacetil free.

With the three lines NATURAL, PLUS, GOLD PLUS # and BASES with Brevetto blend of totally vegetable derivation, DKS is able to give an integral solution for every need and taste.

To know more details and descriptions of the various products, we suggest you visit the page "OUR LINES".

In addition, new ideas and further products are always being worked on: to follow all the latest releases, go to the "NEWS" page!

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