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Coi Vape By Azhad lab is the new brand of liquids in Aroma Triple concentration format to be diluted with Vegetable Glycerine. The producer who has always been passionate about this world has always mixed and mixed aromas among them for his friends, when one day he decided to show himself to a well-known liquid producer to have his recipes tested.

The new generation Aromas are in large format. This is a 60 ml Chubby bottle loaded with 20 ml of aroma and then diluted in order to make a finished liquid ready for vaping.

Do not use Liquids With Vape Tal Which is a type of liquid intended to be diluted. These liquids are made by the liquor manufacturer Tabaccosi Azhad's Elixir to view all Azhad liquids Click here

At Vapitaly 2018 Coi Vape together with Azhad Lab will present its first line composed of 4 Eliquid, very different and unique from each other.

Brief Description Liquids With Vape:

Flavor White Diuke: White Chocolate and Coffee Liquire

Flavor Saint Tropez: Strawberry and Peach Champagne

Flavor SweetArt: Coconut tart with cocoa

Flavor Williams Beetter : Almond pear and Biscuit

Dilute these concentrated flavors with Vegetable Glycerin that you find at this link

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