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Dutch Amsterdam is the only Liquid brand for Electronic Cigarette that was born in the City of Sin, Amsterdam. A city full of experiences that only Amsterdam can give. Amsterdam Coffee Shops offering the best qualities of Erba and the fantastic Space Cake. The Red Light District where every man feels like a child in a candy store.


The Dutch Eliquid mission is to bring a little bit of Amsterdam into its Premium Liquids. The best Liquids experts collaborated on the realization of this line, including the best producers of American Liquids.


In this category you can find all the ready liquids produced by this company:

Dutch Amsterdam Tom Pouce - A delicious cream paste with classic pink icing.
Dutch Amsterdam Van Gogh - Tobacco melts perfectly with Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Pistachio.
Dutch Amsterdam Drop - A fantastic candy with Chamomile, Ginger and Licorice.
Dutch Amsterdam Scarlett - Peach and ice come together in a unique liquid
Dutch Amsterdam Chloe - Blueberries and Melon mix with honey to give life to a sweet liquid with a thousand facets
Dutch Amsterdam Xchuckie Aftershock - A strawberry cheesecake that will make your taste buds go crazy.
Dutch Amsterdam Xchickie Moombah - Kiwi and red fruits give life to one of the most popular liquids of the moment

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