Mur eliquid on smo-kingshop mix series 50ml liquid for your ecig



In this category on you will find the entire collection of MUR premixed liquids in the Mix Series 50 ml format directly conceived by the Vaplo company, an idea of ​​vintage origin reinterpreted in a modern key that will offer you a new vape experience simply by combining a 10 ml nicotized base to obtain the desired gradation of nicotine on the 60 ml of final ready liquid. The collection consists of all the new liquids of the latest conception and realization and an entire assortment that includes liquids perfect for cloud vaping , with creamy scents, fruity liquids tied together that take inspiration from traditional pastries with references to the most delicious recipes original and courageous combinations designed by the boys of MUR. The shot base with nicotine or nicotine 0 10ml (sold separately) will allow you to permanently dilute your mix series containing VG and PG in a ratio of 70/30, perfect for cloud vape.


Golden Elevator

Loner Marathoner


Old Sport

Crazy Cat Lady

Aloha Shake

Scarlet Star

Adrenaline Junkie

Wartime Consigliere

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