Artemisia Decomposed Aroma



The new line of decomposed liquids created by Artemisia is available from Smo-king. All Organic Flavors entirely made with high quality raw materials. Artemisia is an idea born from the desire to produce Fruity Flavors for Electronic Cigarettes using natural ingredients. Each Artemisia liquid is made by extracting the aroma directly from the raw material for perfect fidelity to taste. The Artemisia aromas are all organic aromas and therefore have been treated with great respect for the raw material. Try it for yourself, you won't regret it. The raw materials used come only from carefully selected Italian suppliers and are processed with passion and dedication according to the instructions of expert Agronomists to enhance their taste and make them unmistakable. From the Passion for vape and organic comes this new line ready to conquer the market.


Every Aroma Decomposed in the Artemisia Italian Vape line is an Organic Aroma, a true pride of Made in Italy, and therefore cannot be used as it is but must be previously diluted. Just add the base with nicotine to create your 30ml liquid. With an 18mg nicotine you will get a 6mg nicotine liquid while with a 10ml to 9mg base you will get a 3mg liquid. Try the new Artemisia Bio Liquids and create your Electronic Cigarette Liquid.


BROWN FRASTUCA - Tobacco and Pistachio
COFFEE MORE - Coffee and Cinnamon
MALENA - Sicilian Orange
LIMONERO - Sicilian Lemon and Ginger
ALMATY - Green Apple, Lemon and Tobacco
BAHIA - Red Orange and Coconut
BUENOS AIRES - Lemon and Mint
SICANO - Limone, Zenzero and Latakia

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