Donut Puff Decomposed Eliquid


In this Category you can find all the Electronic Cigarette Liquids of the Donut Puff line produced by Vape Empire. The Malaysian company that has already accustomed us to excellent recipes with its Malaysian fruit liquids is now ready to amaze everyone with this line of Creamy Liquids. The whole Donut Puff line is characterized Donut Eliquid, the classic American donut, glazed with fruit. Triple Concentration Aromas suitable for all the most gluttonous Vapers.


All Donut Puff products are Triple Concentration Aromas and therefore cannot be used as they are but they must be diluted before use. These products are Aromas in Pg 20ml supplied in a 60ml bottle. The aroma should be mixed with 30ml of Vegetable Glycerin to get your Electronic Cigarette Liquid. Once the Glycerin is added it will also be possible to add the nicotine through the 10ml Base.


  • Donut Puff Strawberry
  • Donut Puff Apple
  • Donut Puff Blueberry

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