Packs of Electronic Cigarette Liquids in Shot format with the best choice of Concentrated flavors in the triple concentration version ready to be composed and vaped. In this pack you will find the necessary to prepare your electronic cigarette liquids. In this category for the Electronic Cigarette you will find the best DOUBLE CONCENTRATION liquids i.e. liquids that are not INHALATION products that can be used and Vaped as SOLD. Royal Blend, 32 Vape, Black Note, Blaq, Coi Vape, Deoro, Hunter Vape, Iron Vape, King Crest, La Smorfia Napoletana, Rope Cut, The Milkman, Vape In Sud, Ripe Vapes, Vapetasia, Seven Wonders, Td Custom, TNT Vape, Azhad, Blendfeel, Dago, Danielino77, Da Vinci Weed, Greedy Bear, Santone dello Svapo, Vaporart

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TNT Vape Booms Reserve Pack The new Packs have finally arrived from Smo-king. Combined insertions where you can buy everything you need to create your Electronic Cigarette Liquid with just one click. It will also be possible to choose between 2 different grades of Nicotine (1.5mg and 3mg)