Can Electronic Cigarette be vaped on the plane or at airports?

Can Electronic Cigarette be vaped on the plane or at airports?

Can Electronic Cigarette be vaped on the plane or at airports?

Many VAPERS wonder if it is possible to use the electronic cigarette on the plane, even if it is an electronic device that produces steam, it is only allowed to be used in airports in areas dedicated to smokers, where you will also find smokers of traditional blondes. Use in aircraft is strictly prohibited. We were initially allowed to vape in places where smoking was prohibited but soon this law also included expensive e-cigarettes.

In short, we will explain everything you need to know about transporting your electronic cigarette when traveling by plane, train and ship.

As for transport, there are more restrictive regulations, liquids are subject to controls against the threat of homemade explosives used by terrorists, rechargeable batteries must be transported safely in special containers that avoid short circuits, cigarettes with integrated battery absolutely must be turned off and not recharged during the flight, for the transport of liquids for electronic cigarettes in hand luggage the quantity is 100ml in transparent bottle to allow inspection up to a maximum of 1 liter.

As for electronic cigarettes and batteries, they must absolutely be carried in hand luggage, in fact the law prohibits the transport of all electronic devices in the hold. However, it is important to inquire about the regulations of each airline.

Furthermore, when you travel, for the transport of e-cigarettes and atomizers loaded with liquids it is advisable to keep them in an absorbent paper and close them in an airtight container because the pressure in flight causes all the liquid to leak out, soiling the bag where they are contained.




Also remember to inform yourself if the use of electronic cigarettes is allowed in the country you are going to. For example, in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay, the use of electronic cigarettes is absolutely prohibited, in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand there are more restrictive policies as nicotine is considered a poison.

On the train and on the ship (on the latter outdoor decks are excluded) the electronic cigarette is prohibited as per anti-smoking regulations but the transport is not compromised which can be carried out in absolute tranquility also holding the hand the vape device provided it is not used.


Ryanair: It is possible to carry electronic cigarettes on board in hand luggage, but their use on board the aircraft is strictly prohibited. batteries in special containers with all the necessary information: brand, model and milliampere. On the other hand, it is forbidden to carry electronic cigarettes in the hold baggage but only the batteries.

Volotea: All electronic cigarettes and a maximum of two batteries individually protected to avoid short circuits are allowed on board, in hand luggage. The use of electronic cigarettes on board is strictly prohibited.

EasyJet: It is allowed to carry all types of electronic cigarettes on board and a maximum of two loose batteries to be carried only in hand luggage. However, it is not possible to place this type of device in the hold baggage or use it during the flight.

Alitalia: It is allowed to carry e-cigs, e-pipes and other personal vaporizers with batteries, turned off individually to prevent accidental activation. Their use in the cabin is prohibited.

Transavia: It is allowed to carry electronic devices in hand luggage but the use of e-cigs on board is prohibited. For safety reasons, any lithium batteries in your ecig can only be transported in hand luggage and protected in special containers.

Lufthansa: Devices that contain accumulators and batteries and cannot be carried in checked baggage, but only in hand baggage, even for electronic cigarettes.

Fly Emirates: It is allowed to carry electronic cigarettes in the cabin but their use on board is not allowed, let alone carrying them in hold baggage.

British Airways: E-cigarettes must be placed in hand luggage and each must be protected to prevent accidental activation. The use of the devices on board is not allowed.

Air France: Can be carried on board in hand luggage. It is advisable to protect electronic cigarettes (of all types) with suitable cases. The use and charging of electronic cigarettes are prohibited during the flight.

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Can Electronic Cigarette be vaped on the plane or at airports?

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