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CONCENTRATED AROMAS ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE? HOW TO PREPARE LIQUID ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE? Electronic Cigarette Online Sales Prepare Liquids Electronic Cigarettes Online Vapor Guide

Sigaretta Elettronica Vendita Online Preparare i Liquidi Sigarette Elettroniche Online Guida Vapor

Guide Very simple to do to make a liquid to be Vaping    

DONE WELL and ready to Svapo When we prepare the liquid we can choose the percentage of nicotine we want to svapare and above all we can choose among hundreds of possible fragrances: from vanilla to tobacco flavoring.

Before starting a big recommendation: Nicotine must be handled very carefully! Use small quantities and always use gloves! By preparing the liquid at home, you can save up to 90% on the purchase of ready-made liquids. The basic steps are to mix the Glycol propylene, vegetable glycerol and a nicotine base from 18mg for example. You will find these products directly in specialized cigarette shops electronic and in any pharmacy. For a liter of neutral base the quantities of the single elements are these: 600 ml of propylene glycol, 300 ml of vegetable glycerol and 100 ml of mineral water that is simply found at the supermarket. This combination is used to obtain the classic base that can be used in most electronic systems. For those wishing to obtain a more dense "solution", the ml of glycerol must be increased and the glycol ones reduced, completely eliminating the oligomineral water. Example: 700 ml of glycerol and 300ml of glycol. Once the various ingredients are mixed there are 2 ways to make the base ready:

1) "Manually" shake the prepared bottle leaving it to rest in a cool place with little light. In this way the mixing process will be longer than the second possibility.

2) By purchasing a magnetic stirrer it will be sufficient to leave the base a few hours directly on the stirrer support and the rest will think about it. We can add the aroma we want most to this basic liquid.

In general, companies that produce aromas for electronic cigarettes recommend flavoring with a percentage ranging from 10 to 20%. It is also true that there are aromas (such as macerated tabaccoses) that are very '' loaded '' and therefore can also be used at 5%. An example of flavoring on 100 ml of liquid: 90 ml of ready base (glycol and glycerol previously mixed) and 10 ml of Aroma. Nicotine Before explaining how to introduce the nicotine percentage a premise has to be made: Nicotine being a dangerous substance, must be managed sparingly and with protections in such a way as not to create problems at the expense of health. At this point we have prepared the Base and for example we want to prepare a 50ml Nicotized Base with 3mg of nicotine. Basterá add to our base a 10ml vial with 18mg of nicotine and pour it directly into our Base for Electronic Cigarette. At this point we will have 60ml of nicotized base to 3mg of nicotine.

Below a table with examples of dilution with various gradations:

Tabelle nicotina

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