Difference between Electronic Cigarette and Iqos

Difference between Electronic Cigarette and Iqos

Difference between Electronic Cigarette and Iqos

Careful smokers know this. Those a little less informed may not have asked themselves the question: do IQOS and the electronic cigarette work the same way? And then, what affinities or differences exist between IQOS and the ecig on the market? Let's find out how two different technologies can respond to a single common need of smokers: to find a better alternative to cigarettes and traditional smoke without combustion, and therefore without smoke, ash and odor.

The answer to all this is NO, the Iqos is not the same as the Electronic Cigarette, at the moment it is the electronic cigarette that is much safer than the Iqos. Surely the thing that they both have in common is that they are less harmful than Traditional Cigarettes, this because they do not foresee the inhalation of smoke produced by burning tobacco and therefore no carbon monoxide, tar, toxins and other carcinogens and which in any case they keep at their way the gestures and the rituality of smoking.

Differenza tra Sigaretta Elettronica con Filtro e Iqos


Iqos was invented and produced by Philiph Morris, leader in the tobacco sector. As the manufacturer claims, it is dedicated to those who do not want to give up tobacco. The Iqos is very similar to the Traditional Cigarette, as it is a Tobacco Stick which is then brought to a temperature of around 350 ° to savor its taste, without however leaving visible smoke or ash.


Many electronic cigarette models are now commercially available, from the smallest to the largest, with different characteristics in terms of design. There are also many universal accessories dedicated to the Ecig. The electronic cigarette, unlike the Tobacco Heater, eliminates tobacco and replaces it with liquids that may have varying concentrations of nicotine or not contain its own.

iqos vs Sigaretta Elettronica


The Electronic Cigarette was created to reduce the risks deriving from the harmful process deriving from smoking or the Combustion. The smoke of the Electronic Cigarette is simply Flavored Steam; the Iqos instead, heats of the real Tobacco and is therefore a Tobacco Heater.

  • Raw material. The first and substantial difference between an electronic cigarette and IQOS is in the choice of the raw material to be heated and then vaporized. For the electronic cigarette these are liquids obtained by mixing various components, in some cases even nicotine. IQOS on the other hand heats real tobacco in the form of specially designed sticks.
  • Experience. When the user aspires from an electronic cigarette he can immediately realize a different experience than the traditional cigarette. This is because in contact with the lips there is usually a plastic mouthpiece of various shapes depending on the model. With IQOS instead the person comes into contact with an element, the filter of the tobacco stick, very similar to the filter of the traditional cigarette. The duration of consumption of each stick is also close to that of a traditional cigarette. IQOS, like cigarettes, offers an experience that has a beginning and an end, unlike electronic cigarettes.
  • Use. The use of a cigarette varies according to the model. For example, if a refillable electronic cigarette is used, the consumer must charge the battery, compose the liquid, and fill the tank. The use of IQOS is very different: you have to load IQOS in the charger, remove it from the charger and insert the stick inside it. You then need to press a button and a light signal will indicate when you can start consumption.

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