Electronic Cigarette: Instructions for Use

Electronic Cigarette: Instructions for Use

Electronic Cigarette: Instructions for Use

The Electronic Cigarette, which has now become an authentic rampant fashion to the point of captivating even non-smokers, has been widely used since the beginning of 2010 and is the best method to quit smoking, but the confusion is so great, as is the disinformation; with this system many Ecig users were able to quit smoking with and without nicotine and started vaping.

Smo-King, leader in the field of Electronic Cigarette, offers endless products that are well suited to all types of needs, representing an effective alternative to smoking; this is also confirmed by many Italian doctors, who have expressed themselves in favor of electronic cigarettes. To prove particularly favorable to the principle of harm reduction, they are:

  • Specialists in Vascular Cardiology (75%)
  • Urology Specialists (64.5%)
  • Specialists in Allergology (60.7%)
  • Specialists in Respiratory Diseases (57%)


The Electronic Cigarettes simulate adequately, mimicking the gestures and sensations, the traditional ones and thanks to this similarity, many people try to use the Electronic Cigarette to quit smoking; the Ecig, however, is a device designed for the inhalation by vapor of Flavored Liquid, which may or may not contain (according to your needs) Nicotine. With electronic cigarettes you can find a valid substitute for the blonde with regards to smoking, in all its aspects. The advantage unlike the traditional one is that no type of combustion takes place, thus reducing the risks connected to the intake of carcinogenic by-products of tobacco.

There are many variations of Italian and foreign electronic cigarette liquid, but it is important to choose the certified and effective ones.

liquidi per sigaretta elettronica smo-king


However, those who intend to use the Electronic Cigarettes to quit smoking "blondes" should start off on the right foot, trying to progressively reduce the amount of nicotine contained in the liquid for vape. For this purpose, products with ever smaller quantities of this substance are available on the market, up to liquids that are totally free of them.

  • Among the best products of Liquids for Electronic Cigarette there are: Vaporart; liquids inspired by the American world, with a greater quantity of Vegetable Glycerine, which allows for an accentuated smokiness and a perception of the very "round" Aromatic mix, refined and pleasant, make this the n1 brand of the most reliable.
  • Among the best Aromas there are: Flavourart; produced by the leading company in the Italian market of concentrated food flavorings and not for electronic cigarettes, it also offers a wide range of liquids with or without nicotine.
  • Among the most popular Tobacco Flavors: Virginia, Latakia Max Blend, Black Fire, Cuban and 7 Leaves.
  • Among the most appreciated Fruity Flavors: Fruits of the Forest, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Pistachio, Kiwi, Cream, Vanilla, Watermelon Flavourart, Banana, Americano, Anise, Joy, Nougat, Panettone and Red Bull Aroma.


The components of the Electronic Cigarette are: a tank containing the Liquid, an Atomizer that transforms the Liquid into Steam and a Battery that serves to operate the mechanism. Each model has variations in these components, but the main component of the Electronic Cigarette is the Atomizer, as it allows the Liquid to evaporate.

There are different types of sprayers:
  • Sprayers with non-regenerable tanks; they are characterized by the presence of a glass or polycarbonate tank and a pre-set resistance. This resistance is produced by the manufacturer of each atomizer and it is necessary to change it periodically, depending on how much the atomizer is used; in principle it is replaced when the taste of the liquid is no longer perceived, when the quantity of steam generated is no longer satisfactory or when it returns a burnt taste.
  • Sprayers with regenerable tanks; they consist of a glass or polycarbonate tank and a renewable base. The peculiarity of these atomizers is that it is not necessary to buy pre-set resistances, but it will be necessary to create the resistance using resistive wire and cotton, so to use these types of atomizers it is necessary to have some experience in regeneration.
  • Regenerable Dripping atomizers; they are characterized by the absence of a tank, they are therefore chosen for their excellent aromatic yield. The components of this atomizer are the base, which must be manually regenerated, and a top cap. It will therefore be necessary to regenerate the atomizer with the resistive wire and the cotton. To be used, the liquid must be poured into the top cap, without having to unscrew it, directly onto the cotton and pour it again every 4/5 shots.
  • Regenerable atomizers Bottom Fedeer; they are a particular type of atomizers, to be used on the Bottom Fedeer boxes. Also these atomizers are to be regenerated manually with resistive wire and cotton, however the method of inserting the liquid is different; these atomizers at their base have a perforated pin, the liquid reaches the cotton by pressing the bottle inside the bottom feeder box.

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