Fiscal Decree Salvini Electronic Cigarettes

Fiscal Decree Salvini Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, Matteo Salvini: "We did it!"

It is by Matteo Salvini article 7 of the tax decree approved by the Cdm yesterday "Definition facilitated consumption taxes due under Article 62-quater, paragraphs I and I-bis, of the legislative decree October 26, 1995, n 504 ".

    "You save thousands of jobs, businesses and shops" - '' The maneuver does not multiply bread and fish but improves life for Italians '' - comments Salvini during the press conference (published on his official profile)

A 95% discount included in the tax decree provides that companies only have to pay 5% of the amount of the 5-year debt (2014 to 2018) they have with the state. The technical report, specifying the article, explains that the total amount of tax to be paid to the Treasury was 205.088.437 euros but only 18.520.292 arrived in the State coffers. However, nothing on the consumption tax or on its reduction or cancellation of which a maneuver is expected shortly.

Therefore the total debt still to be paid would amount to 186,568,145 which would be reduced to the point of having to pay only 5% of this amount which amounts to € 9,328,408.

The biggest challenge is now awaited: to reduce - if not to zero - the consumption tax on inhalation liquids. For the time being, the first step seems to have been concluded: canceling the 95% of the company debt means guaranteeing the survival of a hundred productive assets and of approximately a few families directly involved in the production processes.

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