Stop Smoking From Smo-King

Stop Smoking From Smo-King

Before talking to you about our stores and how we propose the SIGARETTA ELETTRONICA we at SMO-KING have to make a premise:
Even among experts, the debate on the electronic cigarette, and its effects on health, is on.
The Higher Institute of Health issued last year an opinion that the nicotine content of the electronic cigarette is higher than the admissible daily dose. But, as many commentators have pointed out, we do not understand what sense to mention this limitation of danger, when those who turn to the electronic cigarette are a smoker who tries to quit and therefore takes from the normal amount of nicotine, and other dangerous products of combustion, in quantities tens of times higher.

Then there is the question of the substances contained in the liquids used in electronic cigarettes, usually manufactured by those who produce food flavorings.

cigarette smoking is recognized as one of the big killers, responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year in the world. Quitting smoking, or not starting at all, means protecting one's present and future health. Born with the aim of providing an alternative to the consumption of tobacco products and as a means to help overcome the dependence on smoking, electronic cigarettes initially had a considerable fortune, but were then the subject of controversy: it seems that scientific studies have provided controversial results on their danger. But how were these studies conducted? What interests come into play in a billionaire market like smoking tobacco? Do e-cigs hurt or are they harmless?

Many smokers know it well: quitting this kind of habit is very difficult. Even in Italy doctors and employees who deal with this problem point out electronic cigarettes as an excellent method to be exploited in this sense, since they have characteristics that can help the smoker to overcome the physical and psychological dependence on traditional "blondes". The reasons are various, due to the fact that these devices have been designed specifically to replace the classic tobacco cigarettes.

How to use them

Electronic cigarettes properly simulate traditional ones. The difficulties encountered in quitting smoking depend on a series of addictions, caused by nicotine and smoking, difficult to overcome. With electronic cigarettes you can find a valid substitute for the blonde as regards the gesture of smoking, in all its aspects. Also you can use electronic cigarette liquids DIY, or purchased in specialized stores, which contain ever smaller amounts of nicotine, thus avoiding unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. In many cases this kind of process can be carried out in complete autonomy; when the dependence leads to smoking a large number of cigarettes every day, then it is perhaps appropriate to turn to specialized centers, where professionals are able to provide the help and advice of the case.

Smoking addiction

Now it is a known fact that smoking creates dependence, because of the same gesture that is accomplished, holding the cigarette in hand, but not only. Nicotine is contained in tobacco, a substance that acts directly on the nervous system and whose inhalation quickly creates physical dependence. Stopping nicotine intake drastically leads to withdrawal symptoms, more or less serious depending on the subject involved. To avoid this inconvenience on the market there are chewing gum, patches and tablets with a slow release of nicotine, which help the smoker who wants to give a cut to his habit. Unfortunately, these aids are not always sufficient, since the psychological dependence on cigarettes can be the same, or even stronger, than the physical one. It is precisely here that electronic cigarettes come into play, which allow the smoker not only to take adequate doses of nicotine, but also to perform the gestures related to cigarette smoking, but without inhaling the thousands of irritants contained in it.

Different types of liquid

Those wishing to exploit the electronic cigarettes to stop smoking the "blondes" should however start on the right foot, trying to progressively decrease the amount of nicotine contained in the liquid for vaping. To this end, products with ever smaller quantities of this substance are available on the market, up to liquids that are totally free of them. In practice you continue to smoke, or rather to svapare, without taking even one gram of nicotine, but simply enjoying the aroma of the chosen liquid. In the specialized shops there are liquids of all kinds, with more and more particular and refined aromas.

In our Smo-King stores you will find everything you need to get started:

A trained staff who will advise you on buying your first electronic cigarette

The best brands of HARDWARE and LIQUIDS to get the best start

The best prices on the SVAPO market in ITALY
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