Vaping Actors and VIP

Vaping Actors and VIP


Vaping Actors and VIP Now the Electronic Cigarette is also popular among the Actors and Famous TV personalities who Vapano, for testimonials or to change their lifestyle by quitting traditional cigarettes.
In the entertainment world there are many famous names in both television and cinema that do not hesitate to show themselves with their electronic cigarettes while vaping.

Around the year 2015 we were allowed to vape even in public places where SMOKING was FORBIDDEN but then after the advent of some laws this policy changed by prohibiting vape even in public places and workplaces.


To date, there are many famous actors and VIPs who walk the street or show themselves at official ceremonies holding their e-cigarettes proud of having got rid of the bad habit of smoking.

We see celebrities as testimonials of well-known E-cig brands including Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Morgan Castoldi surprised to vape during an episode of X-FACTOR with an eGO-style E-cigarette, Vasco Rossi who has gone from Lucky Strike to the Electronic Cigarette and Fedez who even launched the “FLUO” line with the well-known Flavourart brand.

In the international arena we find numerous famous faces such as Leonardo Di Caprio who was even banned from Vaping during the filming of his films, the very famous Johnny Deep adored by his fans while holding his Electronic Cigarette while reading his favorite book, Ricky Martin, Bono Vox who now can no longer do without it, Katy Perry famous singer, Samuel L. Jackson with his collection of E-cig, Jack Nicholson great consumer of traditional cigarettes now proud of Vaping, John Cusack, Ashton Kutcher, Colin Farrell and Benicio Del Toro.

Even in the world of football, there are those who use the electronic cigarette without compromising, according to doctors, the performance of those who earn exorbitant amounts with their physical performance.

The Electronic Cigarette changes the habits of all people who want to "Quit Smoking by turning off a vice but turning on a pleasure", health is important nowadays, we need to improve and fortunately, in some cases, we have the right tools.

Attori e Personaggi famosi della TV che Svapano

Vaping Actors and VIP

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