What are the lightest cigarettes?

What are the lightest cigarettes? To date, there are thousands of products for the SVAPO. But if you are looking for a LIGHTWEIGHT PERSONAL VAPORIZER suitable for your needs, you can find it in this guide.
In the world of vape there are really many types of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES. But today we will cover the lighter and more portable ones for all those looking for the convenience of POCKET PRODUCTS.

What are the lightest cigarettes?

Obviously, when it comes to lightness, the watchword is POD MOD.
But what does POD MOD mean? A pod mod is an electronic cigarette with very small dimensions, which allow you to carry it with you even in your pocket. In fact, these mini atomizers are recommended for times of need and the approach recommended by experts is to combine the pod mod with a box mod.
In the SVAPO market there are many different models of pod mods: they range from automatic solutions to those with the button, from fixed voltage products to those that integrate accessory elements. The tank capacity is also variable and can be disposable or refillable via e-liquid cartridges. In addition, the resistances are always greater than 1 ohm (the power changes depending on the model) and the charging methods take place through a special slot at the base or from above.

One of the most famous POD MODs is definitely the MINIFIT.

Justfog Minifit Kit Completo 370 mAh


A concentrate of power in a very small body! and the very small size of the new Justfog gem inevitably make the vaping experience itself comfortable and practical. Minifit consists of a Pod with a capacity of 1.5ml and an integrated 370mAh battery, rechargeable thanks to the USB port. 1.6ohm coil.

There is also the MINIFIT MAX model with a longer battery life.

The new improved minifit is available from smo-king

La nuova minifit migliorata è disponibile da smo-king



Another product that we recommend is definitely the SIKARY SPOD.

Sikary SPOD starter kit the complete compact and light cigarette, splendid to carry and always ready to vape

Sikary SPOD starter kit la sigaretta completa compatta e leggera, splendida da trasportare e sempre pronta allo svapo


The Spod by Sikary has a very particular design, it is similar, in fact, to tobacco heaters, with the advantage of a normal electronic cigarette.
The peculiarity is this sort of power bank, in which you go to insert the pod mod for charging. On the side of the power bank, there are LED lights that show the battery charge level. The power bank has a 2200 mAh battery and is recharged using the special USB cable supplied in the package. The Pod Mod has a 200mAh battery. Included in the package is a 10ml bottle with needle to simplify the refill inside the pod through two small side holes.

Last but not least is the Voopoo Drag S Pod Mod.

Voopoo Drag S Pod Mod electronic cigarette

Voopoo Drag S Pod Mod sigaretta elettronica


We could not fail to mention a POD MOD for a fantastic LUNG SHOOT.
In fact, among all the lung shooting pod mods we have chosen this one, not only for the quality and practicality of operation, but also for the aesthetic choice that the company wanted to undertake. In fact, the quality of the materials is unique in its kind with leather finishes and good resistance with the materials used.

You can find all the PODMODS models in addition to these listed directly by clicking on this link


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