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In this category you will find on sale on Smo-king shop all the liquid products for electronic cigarette born from the concept of vaping of Youtuber Sara Kali Zabotti, aka Kali Vapes. The liquids are available in the 40ml mix format contained in a 60ml bottle in which you can add 10ml bases with or without nicotine to reach the desired degree on the total 60 ml of ready eliquid. These liquids, made according to the tastes of vaper and influencer Kali, fully embrace the needs of Vaping enthusiasts, meeting their tastes, whether they are for a tobacco liquid, a creamy or fruity liquid, Kali Vapes will amaze you!


Kali Vapes The Key 40 ml Mix the new liquid made by Kali Vapes combines the tobacco taste with an aromatic note of fine Vanilla Bourbon perfectly linked to the juicy and fresh aroma of Peach nectarines. The Key will open your conception of vaping on a whole other panorama of flavors

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